Corporate, Commercial & Business Law Services

Rask Law Office in Cochrane, Alberta has extensive experience and expertise in all areas of Corporate Law and Commercial Law. We have experience with all types of business organizations and provide continuous advice, helping clients navigate legal hurdles so the business operates at optimum capacity. By properly structuring and maintaining your corporation, we provide the help that you need so that you can focus on what you are great at running your business. 

Properly structuring and maintaining your corporation is as important as setting one up in the first place. We explain your options, the pros and cons of each and then help you implement your decision.

  • Restructuring existing businesses
  • Share Transfers
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Trade Names
  • Corporate Name Changes
  • Maintaining Corporate Minute Books
  • Act as Registered Office for corporations
  • Annual returns (as required by legislation)
  • Dissolving Alberta Companies

Corporate Law Legal Fee Rates

We believe in transparency and ensuring that clients know where their money is being spent. Many of our corporate law and commercial law services are based on flat-rate fees, allowing you to know exactly what you pay, with no surprises or hidden costs. For legal services that we do not offer flat rate fees for, we often give you a fee range and explain why a fee would be on the higher end of the lower end. If you asked us to do additional work in the course of a retainer, we explain the additional costs.

Annual Return & Preparation of Resolutions


Change of Directors and Shareholders or Change of Address


Register Trade Name or Partnership


Set up Numbered Company with Minute Book and all Resolutions etc.


Set up Named Company with Minute Book and all Resolutions etc.


Unanimous Shareholder Agreement

Starting at $2000.00

Joint Venture Agreement

Starting at $2000.00

Partnership Agreement

Starting at $2000.00

  • GST is not included in the above legal fees. Prices subject to change without notice.