Residential Real Estate

Making Sense of Legal Fees For Your Home. 

Real Estate Lawyer Fees: Know up front what you will pay!

At Rask Law, we believe that our clients deserve to know their total real estate legal fees before hiring us. For all residential real estate transactions, we charge reasonable flat rate fees. You will find that we are honest, approachable, down-to-earth professionals who act with integrity and believe in providing 100% transparency in everything we do. This is why we post our fees online.


Our Flat Rate Legal Fees for Residential Real Estate, Including Standard Disbursements*

Home Value *




Under $399,999




$400,000 – $699,999




$700,000 – $999,999




  • * Purchase, sale, transfer or New Mortgage Amount for Refinance.
  • Prices dispalyed are subject to change without notice. GST is additional.
  • Please call for a custom quote on homes with a value of over $1,000,000.

PLEASE NOTE: That these prices reflect and include all the increased land titles’ fees. We also provide a discount on legal fees when we help you, through Rask Mortgage Solutions, to obtain your financing.

Flat Rate Real Estate Legal Fees

What Flat Rate Real Estate Legal Fees Include. At Rask Law, our quoted price includes standard disbursements if the real estate transaction is signed in a single appointment in our Cochrane office.

Disbursements - Disbursements are costs that the law firms pay on their clients’ behalf, including all registrations with the Land Titles Office. Registrations are often the largest disbursements you will incur and are calculated based on the value of the home or the mortgage amount. Other standard disbursements include courier fees and general office expenses.

There are no additional charges for:

  • courier charges within Cochrane/Calgary
  • MLS document preparation
  • photocopying
  • postage
  • faxing
  • file administration (opening and closing matters and reporting to lenders and clients)
  • land title fees to register one title and one mortgage
  • one hour of purchase and sale-related issue resolution
  • two payouts (refinance)
  • all payouts on a sale

Please note that additional fees/disbursements may apply for multiple appointments, corporate purchases/sales, assignment of rents for rental properties, caveats, rush fees for last-minute transactions (ex, closings within 10 business days of receiving instructions), reviewing and/or drafting agreements. Please call for details.

Examples of other disbursements/fees that are not included:

  • updated or new real property report and stamp of compliance
  • encroachment agreements
  • interest fees for late closing
  • second mortgages
  • relaxation permits
  • title insurance
  • estoppel and insurance certificates (when selling a condominium)
  • Signing agent/notary if signing at a distant location, along with delivery charges to return documents to our office; and independent legal advice.

PLEASE NOTE:  When signing real estate documents, you must bring the following:

  • two pieces of valid ID
  • A certified cheque/bank draft (when purchasing)
  • A void cheque (when purchasing or refinancing)
  • A current/valid Real Property Report with the stamp of compliance